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summer time, the nights are so long ... [entries|friends|calendar]

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new layout! [
July 26th, 2006 • 12:00pm
[ mood | happy ]

Wootness, it's about time eh? 

Finally put a new layout up, featuring pictures that I took (yes, it's my photography heh) from The All-American Rejects' show in London on July 13th. Wicked concert and, yes, I'll probably be explaining it all soon in a future post ... entry ... thing. Just wanted to show that I put a new layout up and it actually looks different! Kind of bland at the moment, I might be changing it, but I'm going to the Mandarin in about half-an-hour and have no time to fix it up just yet.

Ah lovely summertime, hm?
And I'm aware that I haven't updated since May 29th ... my apologies. *gulp*
But yes, hope you kinda like this new look-ish thingy.

xxn1k1  xxn1k1   xxn1k1

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December 2nd, 2005 • 5:44pm
[ mood | sore ]

Decided to join the slew of others in their "friends only" quest. Mostly per suggestion, & y'know ... just because. If you'd like to be a friend, comment! Although, in most cases, you'll have already been added as a friend.

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